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Watch: Maleficent


Deadmau5 – I Remember


Deadmau5 – I Remember – download

Bonus: Ellie Goulding – Lights

The Pharcyde – Runnin (Philippians Remix)


The Pharcyde – Runnin – download

Brandun Deshay

Dont sleep on my homeboy Brandun Deshay Volume 2 is straight up genius material…i remember there was a cat who put me onto it on the Hypebeast forum, Brandun also produced the tape. This young man is all sorts of talented. This shit has been in heavy rotation for me…straight up & down this is some grammy winning material. When you figure out you like what you hear click on the artwork to download…

brandUn DeShay – Pure Genious – download

Bonus: HiClas – Astroboy – download

Travis McCoy is a beast!

Travie – Superbad – download

Travie – The Manual – download

Daft Punk

daft punk

Daft Punk is a duo of super computer robots built in a humanoid form, used to create musical patterns that are capable of taking control of the human mind, brainwashing the masses to dance until their legs and their minds turn to a jelly like substance…

New daft punk material is to arise from the new Disney movie coming late this year called Tron: Legacy. The entire music soundtrack is to be composed by the daft punk duo themselves!

My alltime favorite Daft Punk song Something About Us..

Daft Punk – Something About Us – download

This is going to be EPIC…Tron was WAYYYYY ahead of its time…And they got Daft Punk on the score…HYPED!

I remember when they used to play Daft Punk on Toonami with The interstellar 5555 shorts..good times

As i Hop on my Bike…

XV – Final Fantasy XV – download

XV – SmallVille – download

XV – Top of the Roof – download

XV – Written in the Stars – download

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