Bruno Mars in GQ

bruno mars gq
Fedora by 1773 by Christys London. Tee by Balmain Homme. Pants by Thom Browne. Suspenders by Topman. Sneakers by Jack Purcell for Converse.

For his interview in GQ magazine, Bruno Mars stated “I’m not gonna preach that I’m a role model. I’m a f—— musician! But I’ve learned people are watching, so don’t do nothing stupid,” Whether he likes it not, Mars’ fans are going to view him as a role model. That just comes naturally with the territory of being a celebrity. A lesson he learned the hard way when he was booked for cocaine possession in Vegas last year.

We know where he stands on being a role model, but I wonder what his stance is on being a style icon. Based on his stylish photo spread for the men’s magazine, he’s certainly setting himself for that role. There isn’t a single outfit in the fashion editorial that I wouldn’t wear. I would rock the shizz out of each and every single outfit.

bruno mars gq

Fedora by Still Life. Jacket by Dolce & Gabana. Tee by Topman. Jeans by Shipley & Halmos. Shoes by Sebago. Belt by Gucci. Watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre. Sunglasses by Ray Ban.

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