Look of the Day

24 year old MC Donavan Vizzy Johnson aka XV aka the kid with the greenback has greatly influenced my style. If i had to describe his steelo in one word it would be retrofuture

Basically a return to futuristic design and art produced in the past.

He wears a lot of bright attractive shiny colors which i like a LOT. Simple and clean. Highly futuristic like what a fresh Elroy Jetson would wear. But at the same time he brings it to the past with the comics, videogames, cartoon, and toys iconography. Which is dope because i like that ish too…

This picture was taken at the Everbody’s Nobody release party at Glass in New York City. XV wearing a pair of the limited Air Jordan I XQ China Editions shoes that were only released in China a couple years ago. Those kicks are sweet! he also wore them in Fall Out the Sky video. Nickelus F was seen wearing a pair of the Nike SB Dunk High Guccis.

I dont know where XV’s red pants are from… I wish I knew! ill ask him next time i see him….

I got a dope pair of red pants from American Apparel. Shirt from Subconscious Threads which he wears a lot because hes sponsored by them. I also see him in LRG, Orisue, and Rocksmith….check them out on karmaloop


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