Mickey Factz

mickey factz

Signed to GFC, Mickey Factz headlined at this year Rock the Bells tour and performed at Lollapalooza. After leaving New York University to focus on music, he released mixtapes online. First In Search of the N.E.R.D. where Factz rapped over joints by Pharrell Williams’ group NERD. Later Flashback a collection of tracks where he remade a different song for each year from 1985-1999 (otherwise known as the golden era of hip-hop). Followed by the critically acclaimed Heaven’s Fallout. Thanks to the sneaker-inspired “Supras,” Factz landed huge sponsorships and endorsements that made this a fan favorite.

At the beginning of 2008, Factz began releasing a new track every week as part of a series appropriately titled “The Leak.” On The Leak Vol 1 and The Leak Vol 2, Factz released tracks like Automatic, Incredible, and Rockin N Rollin.

He brings a breath of fresh air to hip hop and his five mixtapes are far superior to most rappers whole discographies. Mickey Factz consistently puts out fire. DONT SLEEP! All of his mixtapes are available for free download on his MySpace.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Download: In Search of the N.E.R.D.

Download: Flashback Vol #1: Back To The Future

Download: Heavens Fallout

Download: The Leak Vol 1: The Understanding

Download: The Leak Vol 2: The Inspiration


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